Creating a Coupon Zone in Your Home

02 Feb

Since starting this adventure in May of 2011, I have found that couponing can get quite messy.  The family may love the special treats that come from all of your savings, but surely can not stand the mess.  After much trial and error, I have finally secluded my couponing to its own little zone.  Before I discuss the new area, let me tell you a few of my bad choices, so that you may avoid making the same mistakes I did.The following is a list of Really Bad Ideas!

Setting up your Coupon Clipping Station in any of the following areas is strictly prohibited!:

  • The kids classroom.
    • Home School Moms and Dads..I know its tempting, but don’t do it!
  • The dining room table.
    • I know, it is a large, beautifully clean space that just screams…Cover Me In Coupons, but I beg of you, resist the urge.
    • Inevitably, you will be pulled away by one thing or another and later you will find yourself standing at the kitchen counter with your family trying to eat dinner.
    • This creates  very unhappy husband.
  • The Living Room floor.
    • While I understand, it is far more interesting to watch television while you clip away, those stray pieces of paper will end up everywhere, no matter how careful you are.
    •  And just like the Dining Room table, something will surely pull you away from the job at hand only to leave your fresh clippings to fend for themselves.
  • The middle of your king sized bed
    • DON’T DO IT!
    • Chaos and a crazy husband will shortly follow this ill thought attempt.
  • The Kitchen Counter
    • You can only make so many T.V. dinners before they revolt ladies.
  • The Home Office
    • A good rule of thumb is to never mix business with pleasure.

Yes ladies, I have committed all of these offenses, and have paid dearly for it in unhappy family members and coupons that have sprouted legs and ran off.  Indeed, the best thing to do, in my humble opinion is to find a nook specially designed for your couponing adventures.  Your very own Coupon Zone.  Free of children, food, animals and bedding.  Now you may be thinking to yourself…where on earth am I going to find a place like that?  Trust me, where there is a will, there is a way.

While reading the book, It’s Here Somewhere, I decided to follow the examples given, and have started to give every space in my home a purpose.  Do you know, I found 3 closets that have absolutely no real purpose.  That precious real estate right under my stairwell was filled with unwanted junk!  So, out it went!  I have given it a new purpose.  It is my Coupon Zone!  I was pleasantly surprised with everything that fit in my new nook.  I first had to curb my desire to run out an buy a cute little desk and chair.  Seriously…that was my first thought.  I turned that desire to decorate into a scavenge hunt instead.

I found a small black fold-able table that had been put away for quite some time, because it was too small for much of anything.  It measures about 3.5 ft by 1.5 ft. and stands tall enough to sit in a chair comfortably.  I actually bought it second hand for $3 about 2 years ago.  Then, I added a couple of large hooks on the wall to hang my Coupon Binder and my Home Organizer to go bag.  I have learned that it is much harder to trip over something that is hung up and out of the way.  Then, I snagged an extra rolling office chair that no one uses, out of the classroom.  Set up my paper cutter, scissors and file box, and voila!!!  I have a my very own Coupon Zone!!! (with a door!!!)  Now, I can clip, sort and stuff my binder till my heart is content, and if I get pulled away, as always, I can leave it and come back again later.  As Crazy as it sounds, I have found a new peace in creating this special little place.

Wow, this was seriously long, I hope you don’t mind.  I enjoyed sharing it with you.  If you have any ideas or tips on creating your very own Coupon Zone.  Please…SHARE AWAY!!!  If you found this post helpful, will you consider sharing with someone you care about today?


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