Coupon Savings Chart for last 22 days

22 Feb

I have a monthly budget of $520 for groceries now and $90 monthly for Household goods.   My goal is to cut that in half by the end of the year, through stockpiling on really great deals. I decided to put this into a chart so that you can be encouraged and so I can show my sweet Husband how I am doing so far since starting back couponing again after my surgery and the holidays.  We don’t always get 90% savings when we go shopping.  But as you can see, we average out to a nice 51% savings overall.   It is February 22, 2012, and I still have $70.71 left for the month. Through extreme couponing, I have been able to stock our freezer, to the brim, added another coupon pantry, and have DOUBLED my budgets worth of food and household goods. Realistically, I could stop shopping until the end of March, and just put that money away, but my goal is to have a one year supply of everything before I do that, so wish me luck, I think I am heading in the right direction.

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