Making Coupons Make Sense

22 Feb

How to Feed 50 People at a Moments Notice.

I lost My Aunt Jo last Tuesday.  That kept me pretty busy, with travel and food preparations.  It’s so strange how people respond to a death in the family.  I don’t know about your family, but in ours, we cook…a lot.  Standing in the parking lot, watching the Hersch drive away with the remains of my Aunt Jo, one of the first questions asked was what type of food we were going to have for the funeral, and that was shortly followed by where were we going for lunch after gathering her things from the hospice room.  Now I know to some of you this may sound horrible, strange, or even disrespectful, but for us, it’s just how we cope.   Aunt Jo was a ‘Feeder’, you know, the type of person, that if you visited her home, the first thing she would ask is if you were hungry, then not take no for an answer.  So, she would want us to enjoy a meal together, rather than moping around about her loss.  So, at lunch, there was laughter, story telling and tears all mixed together.

Now, on to the purpose of this blog…Coupons.  You are probably wondering, when on Earth is Patti going to get to the point of this story.  Well, it’s this.  You never know when you’re couponing will come in handy.  The food after the funeral was to be Italian.  Because of my stockpile, I was able to make enough Spaghetti for 50 people, at almost no cost.  After this experience, I am curious, how has your couponing helped you and your family out in a time of crisis?


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