How To Organize Your Food Stockpile

25 Feb
How To Organize Your Food Stockpile

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You say your pantry is getting to small?

Look at you go!  You have started couponing, and you are getting all sorts of wonderful deals!  So, where do you put all of these scrumptious deals that you have found?

Here are a few ideas to help you get your stockpile all set up and organized:

Step 1.  Pick a spot…any spot
Under the bed
Laundry Room
Hall Closet
Extra Linen Closet
The Very Top Shelf in your cabinets.

There is room somewhere, I promise!  You just have to look for it.  Once you have found your spot, then move on to the next step.

Step 2.  Clean out the unwanted junk and make room for your new Coupon Zone Mini Mart!

Step 3.  Find storage containers for the small items you have collected, like toothbrushes and dental floss.  This could be from your child’s room, like a plastic shoe box or a set of small plastic drawers.  If you can’t locate one in your house, ask a friend if they have an extra that you can use for a bit.  Then if all else fails, go to your local resale shop and see if they have something there that will be useful.  But do not…I repeat…Do Not go out and spend money on storage items just yet. You just got started after all.  Let’s start reaping the rewards of saving money first.  Can rack organizers and rotating shelving can come later.

Step 4.  Shelving or large storage boxes?
It’s really up to you, I have acquired shelving from my local resale shop for as low as $5.  As well, I have found those expensive plastic drawer set for as little as $3.   We use a combination of every type of container and shelving.  Again, it’s totally up to you, so get creative and have fun with it! (send me pictures, I wanna see too!)

Step 5.  Begin to move the excess items that you have from  your current pantry into your new Coupon Zone Mini Mart.  You know, the 5 extra bottles of barbeque sauce you picked up last week, or the 7 bottles of shampoo.  Go ahead and move those right into your Coupon Zone Mini Mart, and only leave the normal amount of items that you would use in a 2 week period in your current pantry.

Step 6.  Inventory your excess items.  Pay attention to the dates write them down.and remember to place the items you purchase at the front of the shelf.  I have found an app on my phone called My Pantry.  It is free to download, and helps me keep track of all the food as well as household items. It flashes RED  at me when an item is about to expire.  It does a lot more, but you can see that information here

Step 7.  Always stock your Coupon Zone Mini Mart first!  When you walk in the house with your arms full of groceries and household supplies, remind yourself that your Store needs the items first.

Step 8.  Shop from your Coupon Zone Mini Mart when you are running low on food or household items!

It’s that easy folks.  You can do this, it will take a little time to get it organized the way that works best for you and your family, but, it will be well worth it!

Take a moment to send us a picture of your Coupon Zone Mini Mart, we would love to share it.


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