Tightwad Tip of the Day: Use Vaseline!

25 Feb

Have you seen the price of razors?  Upwards of $13 for a disposable razor, and $18 for the refills!! Holy cow, this is getting out of hand people.  Now as an avid couponer, I have come across some really great deals on razors over the last year, I’ve walked out with some beauties for free, but the asking price without coupons is over the top.

Even though we may have gotten them for free or close to free, I still want to treat them like the original price, because without a coupon, that is how much it would cost to replace them.  So, I have learned a wonderful trick that extends the life of that very expensive disposable razor.  Vaseline!

Simply add a thin layer of Vaseline directly to the blade of the razor before and after use.  Not only will it extend the life of the blade, it will cut down on the amount of shave gel you need to use during shaving.

I hope this little money saving Tightwad Tip has helped you out a bit.  If you have any Tightwad Tips, please feel free to share!

Thank you for visiting The Katy Coupon Zone, blogged from Katy, TX a.k.a…God’s country!  Happy couponing and ….stay in the ZONE!!

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