Packing a Snack and Saving Cash

27 Feb

Some years ago, we won’t say how many, but my kids were very small, we lived next door to a wonderful lady named Lisa.  She was this incredibly high energy go getter type of friend I had always wanted.  She was the type that could walk into your home, unannounced, and start cleaning up the toys and laundry while you stood there, mouth agape, mortified, but grateful all at the same time.  She taught me all about keeping organized with small children.  If memory serves me correctly, my children were all under the age of 6 when we met, all 4 of them.

At the time I met her, frugality was not a choice, but a fierce necessity.  My husband, at the time (we have since divorced), was only bringing in around $300 per week.  Talk about a TIGHT BUDGET!!  Anyways, this was the time in my life I learned what saving and being frugal with class was all about.  We may have had Ramen Noodle nights quite regularly, but you would never had known it.

Lisa taught me one really important tip about spending and saving money.  She didn’t have to say a word, I just watched and learned. She and her husband made substantially more money than we did, but yet they did things that were so frugal when they seemingly didn’t have to.

The tip I learned was about packing snacks and drinks for the road.  No, not for a long trip, but for ANY trip in the car.  She would always have a bottle of water, a bag of cookies and what not in her vehicle at all times.  When she would take us places, she would pack extra for me and the kids. Even if we were just going to the grocery store or to church.

I love the fact that this little tip has stayed with me and my kids for so many years.  We no longer are in dire straights financially, but this one thing has stuck with us. On days when I don’t remember to pack a snack, we end up stopping somewhere, and spending cash unnecessarily. So, with this said, I am going back to Packing a Snack and Saving Cash for each car ride we take.

Do you have a friend that has encouraged you to do something frugal that has changed how you think of things?  Share your story, we always love to learn more!

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Katy Coupon Zone, blogged from Katy, TX a.k.a…God’s Country!

Happy couponing and…stay in the Zone!!

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