You Paid WHAT? For a Pound of Rice?

29 Feb

Have you considered the price of small boxes of rice mix? I saw a Sysco truck making a delivery of a pallet of rice to a church right by my office. I went over and asked the Pastor what they were doing with all the rice, and he said they were about to feed 600 people down at the George R Brown Convention center.

I’m so glad I saw this, because it caused me to remember the days of buying 25 pound bags of rice for my family. Why did I stop doing that? Time? Convenience? At what cost?

Since beginning to coupon 10 months ago, I have purchased items that I normally would not have purchased. Coupon or not.  Namely, the lovely little conveniently packaged flavored rice.

So I have decided to go back to my big ole bag o’ rice and do a few calculations to help me find the ere of my ways.
Let’s do a quick calculation:
25 pound bag of rice:   $7.00 that comes to $.28 per pound or $.0175 per ounce.

Most boxes of flavored rice contain about 4oz. Of rice and 1oz. of flavoring. You end up paying $.25 per ounce for $.07 worth of rice in every box.

At 16 oz. in a pound, that is $4 per pound!!
In general, these boxes cost about a $1 to $1.50 each.

Lets stick with the $1 mark to keep it all flowing nicely.

The inflated price you are paying for your lovely little package of rice ends up being almost 142% mark up.

Now what about the yummy flavor you ask?

If you purchase Knorr Bouillon, Granulated, Chicken Flavored, 35.3-Ounce Jar at the cost of around $9.00. It has about 250 of servings.  That is $.03 per serving.

Now simple mathematics tells me that $.07 + $.03 = $.10 per serving of your very own flavored rice.

Unless you are getting this little goodie for free, you should really consider foregoing the box of flavored rice and make it yourself.  It will be time well spent.  Remember, the easiest way to save money is not to spend it!

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