Just Say NO to Constantly Spending Just to Have Fun!

02 Mar

Are you getting tired of your friends draining your pocket book by going out all the time?  Image

How do you feel about Splitting the check with everyone when you only had a salad?  Here are some tips on how to have fun with your friends and get more control of your finances along the way.

One thing I learned very quickly, was to become the one in charge of coming up with ideas!  So, here are a few:

1.  Become a fan of going for walks as a group.
2.  Take a tour of all of the FREE places in your home town.  We did this a few summers ago, and found more than 30 places I had never heard of!  It was awesome.
3.  Throw a ‘POT LUCK’ dinner at your home.  If you do it once a week, where everyone brings a dish, before long, you will be eating left overs that you didn’t pay for!
4. Start a book club at home, you supply the place, glasses and ice, and of course the topic of discussion.  Your friends bring the bubbly & crackers and cheese.
5. Have an Oldies Movie night at home with the girls.
6. Make-Overs and New Do’s sleep over night.  Just like in high school.  I’m 41, and my friends LOVE these!!

One thing to remember, If you are having a hard time, they may be in the same boat as you are.  Maybe they are just too shy to talk about it.

You can do this.  Just give it a try.



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2 responses to “Just Say NO to Constantly Spending Just to Have Fun!

  1. Kathryn Marie

    March 2, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    I love you Mother 🙂


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