Ink Jet vs. Laser Printers for Printing Coupons?

03 Mar

Printing Tip 1: If you are using an Ink jet printer, always use high quality paper, so the ink doesn’t feather out and make the bar code unreadable by the stores scanner.  Alot of cashiers won’t, or can’t take the time to punch in the code manually.

They will just hand it back to you and say that it doesn’t work.  Avoid this heartache, and pay a little more for better quality paper.  I learned this costly lesson AFTER printing out over 200 coupons, and having almost every one of them rejected while standing in line…totally embarrassed and feeling like a criminal after about the 5th time she looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, it’s not a valid coupon”.  Arrgh!

I have been able to find Ink Cartridges for my Brother printer for as little as $3.99!  Go check out The Super Media Store, you will be so glad you did.  Plus, if you have an order of $25 or more, shipping is FREE!

Printing Tip 2:  If you are lucky enough to have a laser printer, you are in luck, you can safely print on any kind of paper you like, and you will get amazingly clean results.  The only draw back is that the toner is cooked onto the top of the paper and has a tendency to crack if folded, unlike the ink jet that actually soaks into the paper.  For great..I mean GREAT deals on Toner for your laser printer, go to The Super Media Store I was able to find toner for my larger HP for as low as $35.  Compare that to the $80 I would normally pay at a chain store.  That is a Ton o’ Savings!

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