Share Coupons With Our Troops Stateside and Overseas

07 Mar

Our troops state side and over seas are in need of our help. Young men and women ages 17 and up. Some right out of high school, just trying to figure out how to survive day to day. We may not be able to do their every day work for them, but we can pitch in by sending valid coupons to our troops stationed in the US, and expired coupons to our troops overseas.

Watch this awesome video of how your coupons help out a
real military family!

Thank You for Helping Us Keep the GST Military Family Coupon Project Alive and Well! 

If you’re promoting a coupon project in your community or on your web site or blog, please provide a link to our up-to-date addresses on this page so that we can be included. Bad addresses that are no longer accepting coupons are continuing to pop up all over the internet from well-intentioned people who copy and share WITHOUT a link back to us, or start a new list and then discontinue updating it. I’ve even had to remove the first paragraph that I wrote on this page, in 2007, because it has been copied and reprinted on dozens of other web sites and blogs, by people I do not know.

We welcome all the help we can get, but it is critically important to link back to this page for current information. Don’t even print the page out, it will be out of date within a month. Thank you and God Bless You!!! 

What Type of Coupons Can They Use? 

Military families stationed overseas can use coupons up to 6 MONTHS after their expiration date.  You can send them as soon as they expire, or even before they expire.  The sooner you ship them the more time there will be for mailing, sorting, distributing, and finally, money saved for our military families being able to use the coupons on base!   

In general, our military families can can only use regular manufacturer’s coupons such as from newspaper inserts, coupon mailings, store displays and coupons you may receive directly from the manufacturer.  BOGO coupons are also acceptable.  They cannot use “In Store Only” coupons.

We all love printable coupons from the Internet and in some cases, military families overseas are able to use them too.  However, if they are able to use them, they can also print them on their own.  So it’s probably best not to send these types of coupons.  Unless you happen to have a handful that are expired, those would be great!

Our military families have asked us to pass along this request… If you can, PLEASE separate the coupons into TWO CATEGORIES, one for FOOD and one for NON-FOOD. It is not always necessary, but helpful. 

Food: Non-Food:
Dairy, Bread, Food, Canned Goods, Beverages, Water, Candy, Gum, Meat & Frozen Foods Cleaners, Toiletries, Make Up, Paper Products, Vitamins, Medicines & Pet Food 

If you are separating your coupons, place them in separate plastic bags marked “Food” or “Non-Food.” 

Remember, separating the coupons is NOT required, just a little extra help for the coordinators. 

While some families are able to move their pets with them when they go overseas, others find foster homes for them while they are away.  Expired pet coupons are welcome. 

You can also send as many coupons as you have collected, even dozens of duplicates.  However, a good variety is great too!  

Our coupon program coordinators overseas will distribute the coupons to multiple families.

Just be sure to CLIP them first so they will be easier for the base to sort, and easier for you to mail.  

You can mail as many or as few as you want. All coupons are appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Katy Coupon Zone, blogged straight from Katy, TX A.K.A…God’s Country!

Happy couponing and…stay in the ZONE!

Warning: Extreme Couponing may become addicting.

Some symptoms may include but are not limited to: You have acquired excessive shelving (everywhere) and it’s on your Christmas list; Scissors and a coupon binder are your new “fashion accessories”; Fat wallet syndrome; You started a blog about it; You have gotten coupon binder envy; You have become your local Coupon Fairy; You traded up from your 3 inch binder to a 4 inch double-sided Case It Z binder with a strap.  If symptoms last more than 4 weeks you may want to seek a professional home organizer or FlyLady. Also, remember your daily dose of The Katy Coupon Zone for realistic, real world tips to help keep your couponing balanced and under control.


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