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It looks like we are going to have a fun Mommy/Daughter Day making Kicked Up Pumps!! Thanks for the grand idea Marisa!

Marisa Quijano

Glitter DIY Pumps!

This tutorial is super cute! I’m going to be fancy this weekend and try this out!!!! I’m pretty messy when it comes to glitter & glue! The glitter usually ends up all over my face..the glue too! haha!

Thank you to:
for this awesome post!

The information below is from her post. If you would like to view her blog just click on the link above! Enjoy!


Modge Podge:High gloss glue. Perfect for glittering shoes

Pumps:Lauren Conrad for Kohls. It doesn’t mater what the sole consistency is. These were rubber.

Fine glitter-This can be found anywhere. I got mine at Joanns

Paintbrush-I used one I didn’t care about so I could just throw it away after.

Newpaper-Glitter everywhere is not fun to clean up!

I used a paper cup and filled it with about a 1/4 cup of Modge Podge.

Then I poured in glitter…

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Happy Saturday! It’s Time to Clip the Coupons!

Tightwad tip of the day:

Most places sell the Early Sunday edition of the paper. Saturday mornings are a great time to get a head start on the week.  If you are lucky, you can find amazing deals using next weeks coupons on this weeks deals that would not be found otherwise.

So go on…live a little and get a head-start on your coupon adventures.

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Katy Coupon Zone, blogged straight from Katy, TX A.K.A…God’s Country!

Happy couponing and…stay in the ZONE!

Warning: Extreme Couponing may become addicting.

Some symptoms may include but are not limited to: You have acquired excessive shelving (everywhere) and it’s on your Christmas list; Scissors and a coupon binder are your new “fashion accessories”; Fat wallet syndrome; You started a blog about it; You have gotten coupon binder envy; You have become your local Coupon Fairy; You traded up from your 3 inch binder to a 4 inch double sided Case It Z binder with a strap.  If symptoms last more than 4 weeks you may want to seek a professional home organizer or FlyLady. Also, remember your daily dose of The Katy Coupon Zone for realistic, real world tips to help keep your couponing balanced and under control.

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Thank you Marisa! I didn’t have time to go over all the CVS deals this week. This will be super helpful for my readers, and for me! You rock!

Marisa Quijano

Gotta love CVS!

Bringing you the best deals for the week of 3/4/2012.  I’m sure there will be more hidden goodies in the week to follow, there always is! 😉

Best laundry detergent deal: CVS
All $4, $1 (RP 3/4)
Purchase 8 = $32, $8 in coupons & get $10 cash card = $14 for 8 bottles or $1.75 per bottle (Awesome Deal)

Best toilet paper deal: CVS
Scott 4 pk $2.99
Purchase 10 = $29.90, get $10 cash card = $19.90 for forty 1000 sheet rolls or $.50/roll

Best paper towel deal: CVS
Earth Essentials 8 pk $3.99, or $.50/roll


CVS reminders:

-Scan ExtraCare card at redbox upon entering store
-Use green Bag Tag (and reusable bag) when checking out
-Purchase ECB deals before cash card deals when possible, and roll ECBs into cash card deals!

Olay facial cleanser $3.99
$3/2 (RP 2/12)

Olay body wash $6.99, get…

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Great Deals at HEB 2/9/12

I ran in to HEB today to do a little re-con on their HEB Q’s, so I could match up my Manufacturer Q’s with their Big Savings Q’s.

At HEB, they offer their own coupons, you may have seen them, they are bright yellow, and hang from the shelves.  In order to get the absolute best deal, you need to match theirs up with a Man Q.  But in order to do this, their HEB Q must have a B in the left hand corner.  The majority of them will have an M, which stands for Manufacturer.  Unfortunately, there is no doubling up with those. 
I am so happy I took my coupon JIC binder in, because I found a couple of great deals!!

First, here is the list of (B) Big Savings Q’s I found:

Buy ay two stouffer’s family size 28-39 oz. freezer meals, get 3rd one FREE!!

Save .97 cents off 3 pack of O-Cel-O Zebra, heavy dut,light duty scrub spunges.

Save .50 cents of Nivea men or women body wash.

Save $3.00 off Revlon foundation, face powder or lip. (excldes eye and nails.)

Save $1.50 off Revlon Eye and Nail products.

Save $1.50 off on ALL Nutrise, Nutrisse Nourishing Foam, and HerbaShine Hair coloring kits.

Save $3.00 off any K-Y Yours + Mine, Intrigue, or Intense Product

Buy 2 Huggies big packs get $5 gift card FREE!

Save $1.50 off all vea, Eucerin, or Aquaphor Lotions and Creams, (excludes Nivea Body Wash)

Save $3.00 on one Lysol Healthy Touch starter kit

I checked on the General Mills cereal deal, and it is an HEB [M] Q for $2.00 off 3 boxes.  Still a really good deal, if you are low on cereal.

A few items I picked up on my trip were:

Duncan Hines cake mix:
Marked down to .88 cents per box
Used: .35 cent Q
Paid: .53 cents per box!

Lysol Healthy Touch starter kit
Orignal price: $9.97
Used: HEB [B] Q for $3.00 off
Used: MAN Q for $3.00 off
Paid: $3.97 each

Stouffer’s Family size 28-39 oz. freezer meals
Original price: $5.98 each
Used: HEB [B] Q for buy 2 get 1 FREE
Used: MAN Q for $2.00 off 1 on 2 boxes.
Paid:  $2.65 each for 3

All in all, I would say it was a pretty nice expedition.  I am certainly glad I took in my binder, if I hadn’t I would have missed out on these deals, or I would have had to make a second trip.  There is no savings in that! 

I hope you find this blog helpful in planning out your shopping trips.  If you do, would you consider sharing it with a friend?

Happy couponing…and Stay in the Zone!!

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Hot Cereal Deal at Randalls (ending today!!)

I can’t believe I almost missed this great cereal deal at Randalls. 

Kelloggs Mini Wheats are normaly $3.79 per box.  I had a $1.00/2 coupon from earlier this year, plus they had a card savings of .80 cents off, and a store coupon of $1.00 off.  I ended up getting them for $1.49 each.  The Kelloggs Crunchy Nut cereal is normally $3.99 per box.   had a $1.00/2 from the last box I ate, plus they had a card savings of $1.00 off, a store coupon for 1.00 off making them $1.49 each.  I did not have a coupon for the Cocoa Puffs, but, they were normally priced $3.29 per box, with a .80 card savings and a .72 cent store coupon, making them $1.72 each.  The milk was $6.00/2.  I used a $3.00 catalina from my Lean Cuisines the week before last, and saved a total of $14.62!  That is a 65% savings.  I am pretty pleased with this deal.  Have you found any other great cereal deals this week?  Let me know!!

Happy shopping and…Stay in the Zone!!

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Stock Up on Chicken!!

HEB has some really great Chicken deals this week!
Boneless, Skinless Chicken breast on sale for $1.47 per lb. No Limit! 
Whole Chicken Breast with skin and bones for $1.00 per lb. No Limit!

To celebrate this great find, it looks like Chicken Pot Pie is in order.  Here is a simple recipe I have come up with that is quick and yummy.  Let me know if you give it a try, and if you have any modifications that you think would taste even better.

Chicken Pot Pie

I prepare these in small 4.5 round mini bake wear dishes, the type you would use for creme brulee.

1 lrg. chicken breast cooked and diced
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of celery soup
1 cup frozen corn
1 cup frozen brocclli
1 container Philidelphia Cooking Cream Cheese (any flavor)
1 can Pilsbury flaky layered bisquits
This makes 8 small pot pies.

Mix the first 7 ingredients into a pot and simmer. 
Leftover potatoes or veggies can be tossed in the pot.
Simmer for 30 minutes until melded together. 
You can add just about anything you like.
Pre-heat your oven to the temperature on the biscuits can.
While the filling is cooking, tear the biscuits in half, and lay one half in the bottom of each dish. 
Once your filling is ready, spoon into the dish, on top of the biscuit half.
Then, with your hands, gently shape the other half of the biscuit to cover the top of the dish.  It works best if it goes over the edges of the dish a bit to seal in the food.  Cook until golden brown and then let sit for about 5 minutes before serving.

This has become a family favorite in our home.

Enjoy your chicken…and stay in the Zone!

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Walgreens starting Sunday 8-28-11

Check out all of the FREEBIES from Walgreens starting out on Sunday!  You have got to share these deals with your friends!!  Don’t miss out on these deals, by shopping early and often.

Carmex Lime Twist or Vanilla Lip Balm .15 oz
Buy 1 Get $1.50 Register Rewards, charitySale Price: $1.50
Q: $
NONEOOP: $1.50
RR’s: $ 1.50
Final Price: FREE!!
Crayola Crayons 24 ct
Regional Deal – May not be available in all areas, check your local ad
Buy 1 Get $1.00 Register Rewards
Sale Price: $1.00
Q: $
NONEOOP: $1.00
RR’s: $ 1.00
Final Price: FREE!!
Estroven Supplements 28 ct
Buy 1 Get $10 Register Rewards, charity
Sale Price: $10.00
Q: $
NONEOOP: $10.00
RR’s: $ 10.00
Final Price: FREE!!
Crest Complete Clean Toothpaste 5.8 oz
Buy 2 Get $3 Register Rewards; Rewards Offer includes Oral B and Crest, use 2 coupons
Other Newspaper Coupons: 07-31 PG
Sale Price: $2.50
Q: $ 1.50 08-28 PG
OOP: $1.50
RR’s: $ 3.00 with purchase of 2
Final Price:
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