How to Find Online Coupons and Codes

The internet is a treasure trove for finding coupons for all of your shopping needs. All you need to do is start looking. Following these smart tips will get you on your way to saving money!

Blog contributor:  Sydney with Kids and Tips

1.) There are several sites exclusively dedicated to offering printable coupons., Red Plum, and Smart Source are three of these sites that allow you to browse available coupons and print right from your computer.
2.) Blogs are also a great place to find coupons. Many independent bloggers research and link to a variety of stores, coupon sites, and retailer deals available online. My favorite money saving blog is My Litter MyLitter

She is local to me, and has a plethora of information to share!
3.) Many grocery stores and large scale discount stores offer store coupons online. Target has an extensive library of store coupons available to print. You can score an even sweeter deal when you combine a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon!
4.) If you have a rewards card to your favorite grocery store you may want to investigate whether the store offers e-coupons.  Kroger, and their subsidiaries, offer e-coupons that are loaded directly onto your card when you select them on the store’s website.  When you purchase that item, and swipe your rewards card, the coupon is directly applied.
5.) Online shopping is convenient and can also be a great way to save money. Sites such as Retail Me Not share coupon codes that you can use when purchasing items online.
6.) Facebook is great for social networking; it is also a great place to find printable coupons. Many manufacturers provide coupons for Facebook fans. If you are looking for a specific coupon, try the company’s Facebook page to see if there are coupons available.
7.) Many manufacturers will have coupons directly available on their product’s website. If you subscribe to their newsletters you can be notified when coupons become available. You can find a nice list of companies and web addresses HERE.
8.) Don’t forget to check coupon and deal forums. There are many shoppers out there committed to saving every penny they can. is a great place to share coupons and tips with other shoppers.

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Katy Coupon Zone, blogged from Katy, TX a.k.a…God’s Country!

Happy couponing and…stay in the Zone!!


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